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About Superior Spotless

Superior Spotless is a professional cleaning service that is designed to make the lives of our clients easier by providing high quality cleaning and maintenance services tailored to our clients’ needs and lifestyles

Our cleaners are a specialized team that are trained to meet a specific and high set on standards that must be upheld at Superior Spotless. Our Employees are fully equipped and arrive with the essential tools, equipment and the required skills in order to clean and maintain all aspects of your property or business that you require. We aim to deliver superior results that aim to exceed your expectations and satisfy your needs and demands. Our team of cleaners are also required to receive on going training in their cleaning procedures and customer service skills for the team to uphold Superior Spotless’ high standards and quality of cleaning in order to always deliver you outstanding results

Superior Spotless offers completely customizable cleaning plans and schedules in order to fit around your lifestyles for us to become a much more convenient and efficient service to your lifestyle. Our primary aim is to deliver a service that best benefits our clients as you are always our primary focus. We will maintain a high level of consistency and have the same team assigned to your cleaning needs, who will be well trained and focused on doing their best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Mission statements

We at, Superior Spotless, are a cleaning and maintenance service provider that aims to provide the highest quality service in order to clean and maintain private properties and other businesses. We aim to provide customized cleaning services that are tailored to best suit the different lifestyles of each of our clients and provide any extra services that are required by each of their specific needs. Superior Spotless is known for giving services that are high in quality and cost effective. These proficient services are designed to be hassle free in order to ensure our customers receive top class cleaning with a peace of mind that these services are being delivered by an organization that genuinely cares about their needs.

Our Team

Chimi Dema


Phone: 0424284443

Email: info@superiorspotless.com

29 Stallone Circuit, McDowall, Brisbane, QLD, 4053

Jigme Tenzing

Business Manager

Phone: 0452196717

29 Stallone Circuit, McDowall, Brisbane, QLD, 4053

Tshering Dema


Phone: 0414662897

29 Stallone Circuit, McDowall, Brisbane, QLD, 4053